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Denver, CO
501 - 1,000
Identity Security Software
Teams Using Ombud:
Sales, Security, Sales Operations
  • RFP response times cut in half
  • 60% reduction in cost of sale
  • 2x resource capacity
  • Overall quality improvement
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Ping Identity Reduces Cost of Sale by 60%

Ping Identity provides clients with secure connections to cloud, mobile, SaaS, and on-premise applications and APIs. Single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, access security, and intelligent API security are all in their wheelhouse. This sophisticated array of security offerings means that customers require attention and nurturing through the sales cycle. But with an inefficient response management process for Security Assessments and RFPs (and only enough capacity to respond to half of the requests received), time was being diverted from closing sales and hitting quotas.


No Collaboration

Different departments managed different pieces of content, making it nearly impossible to track the latest versions or have confidence in response accuracy.

Content owners had to be tracked down over and over again for every response.

The cumbersome process took sales team members away from high-value activities like building relationships with customers and closing new business.



Single Source

Ombud manages all documents in one place; leveraging the latest approved messaging.

The entire team can collaborate – managing assets, tasks, and deadlines 24/7.

The easy-to-use solution promotes sales adoption, brings the team together, and builds trust.



Ping Identity no longer has to cherry-pick RFPs. The whole process is streamlined, opening up more time for relationship building with clients.

  • RFP response times cut in half
  • 60% reduction in cost of sale
  • 2x resource capacity
  • Overall quality improvement
"About 90% of people are answering RFP security questions without my help, which makes me shout for joy."
Stephen Edmonds
Deputy CISO

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