Business Decision Management

Ombud Enables Enterprises to Make Better Decisions and Respond to Markets Faster.

Ombud Enables Sales

Ombud is a SaaS solution that enables sales.

OmbudRX is Changing the RFP Game

Real time collaboration and automation helps you ditch the spreadsheet.

Ombud Enables Operations

Ombud is a SaaS solution that streamlines operations.

"Ombud allows Sweetgreen to be more nimble and act fast."

− Joel Chrisman, CIO, Sweetgreen

"Ombud is a huge productivity gain for the Cloudera sales team."

− Ron Beck, Director, Field Operations and Enablement at Cloudera, 12+ years of experience in Sales Enablement

"Ombud allowed us to match innovative healthcare products to the strategic and operational objectives of the NHS."

− Nick Gaunt - Chief Information Officer, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

How Ombud Enables Operations

Ombud for Operations

Ombud is a SaaS solution that allows operations to align:

Facilitate the discovery, selection and management of IT purchases.

Business Applications
Ensure the organization has the right IT solutions to power its growth tomorrow.

Information Technology
Drive the strategic IT investments and sunset the anchors.

How Ombud Enables Sales

Ombud for Sales

Ombud is a SaaS solution that allows sales to align:

Sales Engineering
Remove roadblocks that help SEs collaborate, share knowledge and respond to prospect requests.

Professional Services
Provide the delivery team with a comprehensive understanding of the implementation plan before the contract is signed.

Solutions Consulting
Optimize where strategic resources are best deployed for the customer’s greatest benefit.