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Sales Operations






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Automate your sales playbook and increase revenue with intelligent sales operations. Ombud closes more deals by identifying the key information and stakeholder activities that will best impact the sales cycle.
The four steps to intelligent sales operations:

Ombud understands and interprets each deliverable in your sales playbook.

Ombud contextualizes each activity into intelligent actions.

Ombud provides team orchestration, ensuring revenue tasks are completed ahead of schedule.

Ombud ensures sales deliverables are delivered to the right parties, in the right format at the right time.

Used by the world's leading companies

Customers trust their sales operations to Ombud

brittany bacon headshot
Brittany Bacon
"[Ombud] manages the process from the entire lifecycle of the document, from pre-sales all the way to post-sales, and has the ability to contribute organization-wide."
jim tompkins headshot
Jim Tompkins
"[Ombud] adds quality and value to your end product. We've seen collaboration cross-functionally across many departments: legal, marketing, IT security, pre-sales, sales, etc. to levels which we've haven't experienced before."
tommy butler headshot
Tommy Butler
Ping Identity
"We can collaborate across our account executives, sales engineers, and account management team to make sure that we are thinking about and approaching an account in an effective way."
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