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Response Management - Automating RFP’s and Questionnaires, and Scaling Knowledge

Ombud is an automated response management platform that accelerates the completion of RFPs, RFIs, DDQs, and security questionnaires.

Curate Your Revenue Team’s Expertise

Curate and centralize house all the critical knowledge across your entire sales and revenue organization in one, searchable, live, location. Cutting-edge advanced language processing technology ensures the right answers find users every time, and your content is constantly up to date.

Accelerate Proposal Response Time 

As content is created, updated, and used, Ombud’s intelligent engine learns, ensuring access to only the best, most accurate information every time. This enables the platform to automatically answer questions in RFPs and other questionnaires, so you don’t have to spend your time searching and pasting. 

Collaborate Easily Across Your Organization  

Generate perfect RFPs, DDQs, POCs, SOWs and other questionnaires in a fraction of the time with Ombud’s unique collaboration platform. Keeping track of complex responses across disparate teams has never been easier, with automated tracking and assignment. 

Sales Content Consolidation

Ombud consolidates all content in one place providing a single source of truth for your revenue teams - no more content living within shared drives, email, user desktops, or disparate systems. Content authors and subject matter experts make updates in a central place so everyone has access to their knowledge. In turn, it’s easy for others to find the information they need and modify it when necessary. 

- Key Functionality -

Document generation and authoring capabilities support multiple use cases 
Automatic content additions into the pool of suggested content
Intelligent search categorizes and prioritizes the best content for use
Content flagging can push inaccuracies to SME review and remove from search until resolved
Nomination of end-user generated content to curated documents 

Streamlined Sales Workflows

Every subject matter expert’s worst nightmare is getting emails from 10 different people, all asking the same question. With Ombud, you protect your subject matter experts and empower users to find the content they need or assign the correct person if necessary. Ombud also offers automatic triggers and notifications so you never miss an assignment, due date, or let content go stale.

- Key Functionality -

Team grouping for clear delineation of responsibility
Separate access-levels streamline workflow for subject matter experts
Notifications of assignments and communication
Expiration dates and end-user curation of content for seamless updates
Reporting in a birds-eye view to see every task on every document

Customer & Prospect Data Security

Content is one of the most valuable assets in your business and Ombud, as an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified solution, is trusted to keep it as such. Role-based access control ensures users see only the content and features they need, when and where they need them. Whether your team is working from home, a coffee shop, or the airport, data is secure, end-to-end.

- Key Functionality -

Single Sign-On (SSO) connection with all SAML 2.0 compliant vendors
Data encryption in transit
Automatic session timeouts and auto-locks for invalid logins
Enterprise-grade access controls
Fully configurable NIST password protections

The lifecycle of a document in Ombud.

Ombud understands and interprets the key deliverables in your sales process.
Ombud contextualizes each activity into intelligent actions.
Ombud provides team orchestration, ensuring revenue tasks are completed ahead of schedule.
Ombud ensures everything is delivered to the right parties, in the right format, at the right time.

Curated knowledge at your fingertips

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