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Security Questionnaire Software

Reduce the effort and ensure compliance with security  and due diligence questionnaires (DDQ).

  • Autofill security questionnaire answers with compliant responses from an always current library of responses.
  • Build a library of curated compliant responses automatically with use.
  • Analyze emerging trends across due diligence questionnaires and security questionnaires.
  • Collaborate with sales in a dedicated portal for easy management and tracking.
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Security Questionnaire Automation
Minimizes Compliance Risks

Automate Security Questionnaire Responses

Empower teams to automatically respond quickly to security questionnaires with a specific library of responses. Enabling them to automatically answer security questionnaires faster without years of security experience. Complete oversight of responses ensures responses are compliant and current.

Curate Security Questionnaire Answers

Capture your critical knowledge with a centralized, live repository of valuable content. As you use Ombud to answer security questionnaires, the knowledge base grows automatically, capturing all work completed as reusable assets. Quickly surface the best answer with state-of-the-art natural language processing technology.

Analyze Success Rate of Security Questionnaire Answers

Understand potential gaps in your documentation and processes by identifying emerging trends across the security questionnaires you receive. Plug the gaps and share tailored content highlighting your security standards and procedures to bypass lengthy questionnaires. The more you use the platform, the more knowledge it automatically curates and the more insights you uncover on your processes and responses.

Collaborate in Portals to Respond to Security Questionnaires

Bring portals into a collaborative environment that can automatically answer security questions and reduce the time required to respond to a questionnaire. Assisted import of portals deliver all the benefits and takes  the effort out of responding and formatting.

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Customers rely on Ombud to automate the content-centric activities in their sales processes. Our platform combines content collaboration, project management, and machine learning technology to streamline the creation of sales documents like RFP responses, security questionnaires, sales proposals, statements of work, and much more. Ombud is security questionnaire software, sales collaboration software, proposal management software, and more, all in one tool.

Content Management

Ombud does more than just store content—it scales your best content across the organization. The platform’s semi-structured database gives your team valuable data and information each time you search.

project Collaboration

A full collaboration suite means team members and subject matter experts across your organization contribute expertise at the right time in your sales process—no re-inventing the wheel.

machine learning

As content is created, updated, and used, Ombud’s machine learning engine curates your library ensuring access to the best, most accurate information the next time you encounter a similar task.

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All your tribal knowledge in one place.

Not just looking for security questionnaire software? Ombud supports a variety of use cases for all things sales content.