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The Presales Operating System

It's time your sales engineers have a single platform to manage the entire presales process including discovery, demo preparation, customer-facing content, and team collaboration.

  • Manage all client-facing content in a central location.
  • Capture discovery notes and demo preparation within a deal-specific portal.
  • Analyze team and content performance on a deal by deal basis.
  • Provide sales with self-service access to a live centralized knowledge repository.
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Empower Sales Engineers with the Presales OS

Manage Client-Facing Content

Keep all your client-facing content, discovery, and demo templates in a central location. Track all the content you share throughout the sales cycle, capture all the ad-hoc information requests, and respond to RFP’s and questionnaires in a single platform. Follow up successful meetings with personalized solution overviews and share demo recordings all through a rich web experience yielding valuable insights.

Capture Discovery and Demo Preparation

Personalize the buyer experience effortlessly by capturing discovery details alongside demo preparation. Create tailored demo scripts using insights captured from RFP responses and discovery calls. Make discovery calls more effective and take the effort out of demo preparation with templates that help you capture critical insights from your prospects.

Analyze Performance Insights

Gather unique insights on your team performance by capturing a content-centric view of sales cycles and correlating that to success data in your CRM. Understand which scenario best suits your team members and how to onboard and enable them faster, powered by a rich content and knowledge library.

Support Sales with Curated Knowledge

Capture and respond to ad-hoc questions throughout the sales cycle to auto-curate critical knowledge and highlight gaps in your content. Sales engineers don't need to be the bottleneck at a crucial stage of a deal, as salespeople can easily find the most relevant answers themselves, shaving off weeks from your sales cycle. A live centralized repository recommends the most relevant content that is always current.



"Ombud is the fastest, most efficient and easiest solution I’ve used in my professional career."

Robbie Cooper

Manager of Content Strategy
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Get Started with Ombud's Presales Operating System

Focused content management and portability, combined with effective collaboration around content. Extending the native powers of response management, Ombud serves as a centralized hub for the technical, document-driven processes that Pre-Sales teams engage in to support sales.

Content Management

Ombud does more than just store content—it scales your best content across the organization. The platform’s semi-structured database gives users valuable information each time they search.

project Collaboration

A full collaboration suite means team members and subject matter experts across your organization contribute expertise at the right time in your sales process—no re-inventing the wheel.

machine learning

As content is created, updated, and used, Ombud’s machine learning engine curates your library ensuring access to the best, most accurate information the next time you encounter a similar task.

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All your tribal knowledge in one place.

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