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Proof of Concept (POC) Software

Centralize your POC generation with the most up-to-date product information using Ombud’s sales response software.

  • Create merge fields to automatically scrub and customize for every customer.
  • Create targeted templates for different product offerings, verticals, and lines of business.
  • Change fields or text at any time for full customization depending on your target audience.
  • Deliver in a .zip file so all attachments are captured in a professional format.
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Proof of Concept Software That Easily Enables Customization

Create merge fields to automatically scrub and customize for every customer.

With a few clicks, proofs of concept are customized with every unique identifier (such as company name, industry, company size, for example) for your prospect. And, with Salesforce integration, those fields can be automatically pulled from the opportunity record to help make the process seamless and to create a successful proof of concept.

Create targeted templates for different product offerings and industries.

If your proofs of concept differ drastically between product lines, verticals, or geographic regions, you can create multiple templates and only show the templates relevant to each end-user. You can also edit the global templates at any time, in order to ensure old versions of the content don’t end up in the hands of current prospects.

Change fields or text at any time for full customization.

Once the POC is created, users can change any field or text box to fit any edge case. Those changes are logged and tracked so users can revert them at any time. If that edge case comes up again in the future, a simple search allows users to reuse that content, without duplicating efforts.

Deliver in a .zip file so all attachments are captured in a professional format.

Each proof of concept can be exported and delivered in a professional .zip file with all attachments and supplementary materials intact.



"Ombud acts as a center of gravity for our team — with all sales content and knowledge running through it."

Charles Clarke

Sr Director of Solutions Architecture

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Customers rely on Ombud to automate the content-centric activities in their sales processes. Our platform combines content collaboration, project management, and machine learning to streamline the creation of sales documents like RFP responses, security questionnaires, sales proposals, statements of work, and much more. Ombud is POC software, sales collaboration software, proposal management software, and more, all in one tool.

Content Management

Ombud does more than just store content—it scales your best content across the organization. The platform’s semi-structured database gives users valuable information each time they search.

project Collaboration

A full collaboration suite means team members and subject matter experts across your organization contribute expertise at the right time in your sales process—no re-inventing the wheel.

machine learning

As content is created, updated, and used, Ombud’s machine learning engine curates your library in order to ensure access to the best, most accurate information the next time you encounter a similar task.

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All your sales content—under one roof.

Looking for more than just POC management software? Ombud supports a variety of use cases for all things sales content.