Integrating Enablement Into Your Sales Process

Sales can be overwhelming. Looming deadlines, daily rejection, and the pressure to earn commissions can be a lot — especially for new sales reps or those who struggle to make their sales targets. The pressure is also on for sales managers who need to make quarterly sales goals, but are dealing with new team members and high turnover — according to The Bridge Group, the average salesperson takes just over three months before they ramp up to full productivity. Some industries can take as long as six months before reps are up to speed. That’s why it’s so important to have a sales process that standardizes how your reps sell, and tools that can automate and shorten your sales cycle.

Download this eBook to gain insights on:

  - What a sales process is and why you need one

  - The steps of a typical sales process

  - A break down of the request for proposal (RFP) process

  - How enablement can streamline the sales process

  - Setting up processes that will support your team in meeting their goals

  - Getting your sales team on board

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