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Automate the key deliverables in your sales content process.

Scale content and gain sales content efficiency across RFP responses, security questionnaires, sales proposals and much more.

Screenshot of Ombud platform

Request for Proposal (RFP) Automation Software

Respond to requests quickly, with the promise of quality.

  • Use Ombud’s machine learning to take the first pass on every request to decrease response time.
  • Increase response quality through content curation and by promoting the use of your best content.
  • Collaborate across the globe while never losing version history or precious time.
  • Deliver your responses in professional, branded formats to your prospects. 
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Security Questionnaire Response Software

Respond to questionnaires quickly and mitigate risk with full transparency.

  • Limit the responses allowed for use with full oversight of responses going out.
  • Ensure global compliance with region-specific content and filtering.
  • Collaborate globally with stakeholders across the organization with no loss of version history.
  • Export into original formats so no revisions are needed before submission.
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screenshots from Ombud platform showing the content categorization methods via tagging, full version history and restoration, searching against only reference content, and locking workspaces
screenshots from Ombud platform showing templating for different types of SOWs, content and table editing, sections selection for individual content templates, custom export types, and content preview before export.

Statements of Work (SOWs) Automation Software

Create Statements of Work in as little as 5 minutes with standardized templates and workflows.

  • Create merge fields to customize every single SOW with the click of a button.
  • Update the SOW template at a global level to ensure accuracy across the organization.
  • Change fields or text at any time for full customization.
  • Deliver in a professional format with little to no extra formatting needed.
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Proofs of Concept (POCs) Creation Software

Keep your POC effort centralized with the most up-to-date product information.

  • Create merge fields to automatically scrub and customize for every customer.
  • Create targeted templates for different product offerings and industries.
  • Change fields or text at any time for full customization.
  • Deliver in a .zip file so all attachments are captured in a professional format.
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screenshots of Ombud's platform showing templates for different types of POCs, editing of content and tables, sections selections for each content templates, and .zip export functionality with individual file creation upon export
screenshots of Ombud's platform including rich media content editing, view-only web format delivery, and tracking the activity on view-only web delivery of content

Sales Proposals Automation Software

Deliver sales proposals while tracking prospect engagement with your content.

  • Create merge fields to customize your proposal to every prospect.
  • Embed rich media, videos, and branding to put your best foot forward.
  • Change fields or text at any time for full customization.
  • Share in a read-only web format to track exactly what content your audience is consuming.
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