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Proactive Proposals and Statements of Work (SOW)

Create proactive proposals and statements of work (SOW) quickly and easily.

  • Stand out from the competition with personalized proposals with media-rich content.
  • Curate a library of winning proposal content.
  • Automatically build proposals using company-approved templates.
  • Deliver proposals in a web portal and track exactly what content your client is consuming.
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Fast Compliant Proposals and Statements of Work

Create Personalized Proposals

Deliver personalized, professional, and accurate proposals and SOWs to your clients every time. Create templates, curate a library of winning content, and control how much customization can be done in the field to ensure you’re balancing personalization and compliance. Standout from the crowd with rich-media content presented in a live web view that gives you unique insights into what matters most to your customer.

Access Proposal Templates

Create solution-specific templates that help your teams create winning proposals. Address your customers’ specific needs while staying on-brand and using approved, relevant content. Give access to the right groups to ensure the right audience gets access to the right content. Tailor the content at scale with personalization tokens which automatically updates company data and information from CRMs, making the creation process effortless. Ombud's role-based tailored experience gives teams access to only the relevant templates.

Deliver Your Proposal or SOW in Multiple Formats

Deliver compelling rich-media proposals via a live web view. Track the time your prospect spends viewiew your proposal in real-time, down to the exact portion of content they view, how long they spent viewing, and on what type of device they viewed it. Gain valuable insights to know what your customers care about most. After your stunning proposal wins the deal, generate the tailored SOW and send a branded Word or PDF for quick legal review and sign-off.

Use Curated Approved Content

Your most critical knowledge is automatically curated and centralized in a live repository that stays current. Subject matter experts can be assigned to edit and update content. All edits and updates are tracked with complete version control to ensure you always use the most current and approved content.

Ombud Helps Users Create Quality Sales Proposals

Learn from current Ombud customers how they’re creating better proposals, collaborating effectively with their teams, and outperforming their competitors.

Get Started with Ombud's Sales Proposal Automation Software

Customers rely on Ombud to automate the content-centric activities in their sales processes. Our platform combines content collaboration, project management, and machine learning to streamline the creation of sales documents like RFP responses, security questionnaires, sales proposals, statements of work, and much more. Ombud is sales proposal automation software, sales collaboration software, RFP management software, and more, all in one tool.

Content Management

Ombud does more than just store content—it scales your best content across the organization. The platform’s semi-structured database gives users valuable information each time they search.

project Collaboration

A full collaboration suite means team members and subject matter experts across your organization contribute expertise at the right time in your sales process—no re-inventing the wheel.

machine learning

As content is created, updated, and used, Ombud’s machine learning engine curates your library ensuring access to the best, most accurate information the next time you encounter a similar task.

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