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Ombud Solutions: Sales Content Consolidation

May 23, 2022

When it comes to responding to RFPs, DDQs, SOWs, and other customer questionnaires, proposal and sales teams often run into the same key problems:

  1. Organizations do not have a centralized place for technical knowledge. Information is stored all over the place which makes searchability extremely difficult.  
  2. The process is very fragmented. Different teams work independently on different parts of the response process. 
  3. It is difficult to collaborate across teams, which lengthens the overall process. 

Ombud solves these common problems with sales content consolidation. Ombud’s solution can take the first pass on RFPs and security questionnaires via machine learning, enabling your team to increase your response capacity by 200%. 

Ombud consolidates all of your organization’s content in one place. This helps to provide a true, single source of truth for your revenue teams. Content will no longer live within shared drives, emails, user desktops, or disparate systems. Content authors and subject matter experts are able to easily make updates in a centralized place, so technical knowledge is accessible to every team whenever they need it. Sales content consolidation enables organizations to utilize their knowledge and information more efficiently. 

Read about pooling technical knowledge with Ombud in our blog here.

“Ombud makes writing RFX responses a breeze! With their import wizard, we can easily build a compliant response document in seconds. Using the response library allows me to quickly search previous responses that may align to the current question, and, if necessary, quickly adjust the response to fit the current request. Exporting the documents in standard formats takes the guesswork out of creating a polished, ready to send document.” - Jeremy M, G2 Review

Key Functionalities of Sales Content Consolidation: 

  1. Ombud’s document generation and authoring capabilities support multiple use cases
  2. Automatic content additions into the pool of suggested content
  3. Intelligent search categorizes and prioritizes the best content for use
  4. Content flagging can push errors and inaccuracies to subject matter experts for peer review. These flagged responses are then removed from search until the issue is solved. 
  5. Nomination of end-user generated content to curated documents 
“We use Ombud to single-source the completion of RFP and Infosec questionnaires. Every stakeholder reports a minimum of 50% time saved, with the advantage of being able to surface relevant and up-to-date content.” Daniel C, G2 Review

Ombud automates RFP responses which help your organization save valuable time. Keeping your sales content centralized, categorized, updated, and automated will accelerate your sales responses and give you more time to do what you do best—sell. Improve customer communications across every part of the sales cycle and consolidate knowledge with Ombud’s centralized platform. For more information on sales content consolidation, visit our website or request a demo here

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