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Ombud Solutions: Importing and Exporting Capabilities

June 24, 2022

Once an organization receives a request for proposal, generally the next steps are to import the document into an RFP automation software. 

A standard RFP automation software faces major adoption issues due to a difficult, manual import process. Importing complex documents in various file formats (Word, Excel, PDF) is extremely challenging and is most likely entirely self-service. Reformatting workarounds are required to handle more complex documents. The reformatting that is required during import can also create challenges when the proposal is ready to be exported. 

With Ombud, importing and exporting complex documents is easy

“Ombud is easy to pick up and use from day one. We were able to increase productivity, quality and efficiency in no time. It changes the way we take our new team members through the onboarding process, reducing the time spent on training on how to get to the right answer. After short listing three solutions, Ombud blew the competition out of the water with its machine learning features (automated suggestions), importing document service, and exporting to Excel was pure magic.” - Dinah, G2 Review

Import RFPs, DDQs, SOWs, and other customer questionnaires easily using Ombud

  • A full-service team is always available to handle all document imports on your team's behalf
  • Complete offloading of this low-value task fosters product adoption across teams
  • No reformatting required
  • A flexible data model allows individual and bulk mapping adjustments after initial import without the need to start over

Ready to export? Ombud can export your customer questionnaires: 

  • Back to the original file (Word, Excel)
  • To a polished, branded template (Word, Excel)
  • To a portal
  • To a differentiated online webview

Ombud can export your sales documents into branded templates. We offer full-service ingestion for more complex documents and portals to free up your team from low-value work and self-service for simpler items. At Ombud, we do not just rely on technology to automate your process, the human eye ensures that you have a pixel-perfect proposal and response every time. 

To learn more about the process of content importing/ingestion, read our blog here

“Ombud makes writing RFX responses a breeze! With their import wizard, we can easily build a compliant response document in seconds. Using the response library allows me to quickly search previous responses that may align to the current question, and, if necessary, quickly adjust the response to fit the current request. Exporting the documents in standard formats takes the guesswork out of creating a polished, ready to send document.” -Jeremy, G2 Review

Ombud helps you identify your best sales content, automate repetitive processes, and collaborate with your team more efficiently along the way. Want to learn more about how  Ombud can help transform your content-intensive sales processes? Visit our website or request a demo here.

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