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Ombud Solutions: Insight into Ingestion

March 1, 2022

One of the core challenges proposal teams face is they are asked to respond to RFPs at a higher volume than ever with static resources. You already know that RFP response software can streamline and simplify the response process, but how does this work when RFP documents come in all manner of homegrown and varied formats? Rather than trying to identify and answer alone, our team of experts at Ombud can perfectly format your RFPs and let you know when it is time for your team to add their domain expertise. 

An extension to your team will allow you to outsource to Ombud a labor-intensive administrative aspect of the RFP process (that also is the least revenue-generating). Especially these days, you and your team are looking to do more with fewer resources. Unfamiliar customer formats, challenging portals with conditional fields, and partial ingestions mean more time exporting and less time for domain expertise and differentiation. Consider the hourly cost of employees working on RFP administration and realize where your RFP response tool can help your team focus on the more valuable components of the process or focusing on selling and demos. 

Content importing/ingestion is the process of recreating original documents as closely as possible in Ombud. This is accomplished by utilizing Ombud's import tools and other functionality native to the Ombud platform. Ingestion is simple with our tools, and we ensure accuracy and speed with our unique service. Ombud's service also ensures that your export will be high quality with nothing out of place.

Ombud is format agnostic, so you and your team do not need to do any reformatting prior to bringing your information into Ombud’s system. We can ingest these documents as they come across your desk, whether they are Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, portals, or PDFs. 

“After short listing three solutions, Ombud blew the competition out of the water with its machine learning features (automated suggestions), importing document service, and exporting to excel was pure magic.” ~ Dinah W (G2 Review) 

We offer full-service ingestion for more complex documents and portals to alleviate your team from low-value work, self-service for simpler items. At Ombud, we do not just rely on technology to automate your process, the human eye ensures that you have a pixel-perfect proposal and response every time. Ombud differentiates from standard competitors because we offer content-authoring and creation right within our system, instead of having to take a piece of content out to manipulate it.

Ombud’s customizable document templates will help to drive brand consistency and professional deliverables across your organization for all of your RFP responses, DDQ questionnaires responses, and security questionnaires. With Ombud’s sales response software, you can create these deliverables for your clients in as little as five minutes with standardized templates and workflows. Color and text formatting is added at the export with previewable, customized templates so you can be certain your deliverable will be polished every single time.

To learn more information about Ombud, request a demo here.

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