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Pooling Technical Knowledge with Ombud

April 25, 2022

In efforts to win more business and differentiate in a sales cycle, most companies experience many challenges regarding content. One of the most common challenges that organizations face is that they spend too much time searching across different sources to find or generate meaningful content. Without an RFP software in place, chaos can take over an organization. When content is stored across various documents, emails, and spreadsheets, it makes it difficult to access and find quickly. 

Ombud’s content management system is unique - our platform centralizes and scales the best content across our clients' organizations. We store all your sales content in granular chunks, with the context you need completely intact. 

If you have a situation where your organization has a lot of technical knowledge that is accumulated in people's heads, Ombud is a great place to store that information. Frequently, sales people and subject matter experts have important technical information in their heads and don’t necessarily have it written down anywhere. Ombud is great at collecting information that is not thoroughly documented and makes it easily searchable and accessible for everyone. Providing subject matter experts with a place to house their technical expertise allows teams to search for responses to their questions without having to reach out directly, which saves time and makes the process much more efficient. 

Storing a larger collection of technical content allows your organization to bring in people that may not be experts in your field, and allow them to use a knowledge base that's easily accessible. This allows new hires to start answering questions that you would expect from someone with about a year’s worth of knowledge. 

“When I was new to the team, Ombud allowed me to retain the information and help answer the Security Questionnaires and RFPs. Not only was it a tool to respond to customer questionnaires and RFPs, it was like a study guide to learn about the company products. It became my go-to knowledge base.” - Mary Jean C. (G2 Review

Having a centralized place that brings everyone together, and also being able to deliver consistent messaging from your organization regardless of who's selling the actual deal, is extremely important. Ombud’s RFP automation software allows content to be reusable across your organization in more ways than one. 

Automate RFP responses with Ombud. Interested in learning more? Visit our website or request a demo here.

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