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The Main Benefits Of RFP Automation For Collaboration

July 7, 2022

In trying to win more business and differentiate in the sales cycle, most companies experience many challenges with respect to content. One major difficulty is that they cannot easily collaborate with subject matter experts who are crucial to building credibility and differentiation in sales cycles. The inability to collaborate with subject matter experts leads to frustration and burnout within an organization. Without a RFP automation tool in place, SMEs become fatigued at answering the same questions over and over again.

Ombud’s RFP automation software automates tedious tasks and helps engage content experts where they are needed most. Ombud differentiates from competitors because we offer content-authoring and creation at a granular level.  Our software is also cloud-based, so collaboration is easier and we make it easy for subject matter experts to use and update in real-time.

Key Aspects of Project Collaboration within Ombud:

  • Granular Assignments & Commenting: Ownership of specific tasks, sections, or entire documents can be assigned at the user or group level to get collaborators involved while maintaining visibility into their progress. Comments, conversations, and version control are updated in real-time and contained within the document at hand for full transparency. 
  • Collaboration Suite: A full collaboration suite means team members across your organization contribute expertise and scale knowledge at the right time in your sales process - no re-inventing the wheel or repetitively relying on subject matter experts. It’s easy for SMEs to engage whether you need them to create, review, or approve content within Ombud. 
  • Integrations: By utilizing Ombud’s integrations, you’ll increase transparency across your revenue teams. Salesforce integration eliminates duplicative efforts by pulling all relevant data from the opportunity object directly into the workspace. Slack integration creates a channel for each document to push notifications into your team chat—keeping everything in context.
  • In-Line Content Authoring & Editing: Issues with version control are a thing of the past with Ombud’s platform. It offers in-line content editing with full version history and context. Collaborate with thousands of collaborators in a single document!

Ombud helps revenue teams generate and collaborate on mid-funnel sales content so they can be more effective and win more business. Interested in learning more about Ombud’s RFP response software? Interested in learning more about Ombud’s RFP software? Request a demo here

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