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Sales Effectiveness

5 Signs It's Time for a Sales Collaboration Platform [Infographic]

June 22, 2020

B2B selling has never been more complex. Buyers need more proof, want to do more research, have larger buying committees, and require more customization in the content given to them by the vendor sales reps. In fact, 90% of sales reps agree that buyers expect more relevant, personalized information than they did five years ago.

So, how do you keep up?

Many teams struggle with content management and real-time collaboration. In an increasingly global world with teams collaborating across multiple time zones on a single sales opportunity, a quality content collaboration workflow is imperative to your team’s success. But, how do you determine the tipping point?

Below, we’ve outlined the 5 signs that it’s time for your team to invest in a sales content collaboration platform. You can also download a pdf version here.

Download Now: Signs It’s Time For a Sales Content Collaboration Platform

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