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Ombud Solutions: Streamlined Sales Workflows

April 14, 2022

RFPs and security questionnaires are becoming longer and more complex, regardless of the industry. At the same time, deadlines are getting shorter and it can be increasingly difficult to keep up. Without a centralized place to house technical knowledge, content can become stale and difficult to track down. When information is not easily accessible by everyone, subject matter experts have to be tracked down over and over again, causing a frustrating cycle of endless emails. 

With Ombud’s streamlined sales workflows, you protect your subject matter experts and allow users to find the content they are looking for painlessly. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ombud's “assign” feature allows you to allocate the correct person to the task if necessary. Our RFP automation software offers automatic triggers and notifications so you never miss an assignment, due date, or let content go stale.

Streamlined Sales Workflows: Key Functionalities

1. Team grouping for clear delineation of responsibility

Team grouping in Ombud allows people in your organization to have full transparency for which tasks they need to complete and when. You also have the ability to enact due dates and push email notifications so no one misses an update.

2. Separate access levels streamline workflow for subject matter experts

Ombud’s full collaboration suite allows team members across your organization to contribute expertise and scale knowledge at the right time in your sales process - no re-inventing the wheel or repetitively relying on subject matter experts. It’s easy for SMEs to engage whether you need them to create, review, or approve content within Ombud. 

3. Notifications of assignments 

Ombud makes project collaboration easy with ownership and notifications for specific tasks, sections, or entire documents. Roles can be assigned at the user or group level to get collaborators involved while maintaining visibility into their progress. Comments, conversations, and version control are updated in real-time and contained within the document at hand for full transparency.

 4. Expiration dates and end-user curation of content for seamless updates

Organizations often face real challenges around consistency in responses. Creating responses that are technical, up-to-date, and effective is challenging without a streamlined workflow. Ombud’s platform allows for ownership of assignments, due dates, and expiration dates to ensure project visibility and timely completion.

5. Reporting in a birds-eye view so your team can observe every task on every document

Ombud’s platform is cloud based, which makes it easy to collaborate with all areas of your organization. Keeping track of complex responses across teams is easy reporting in a birds-eye view, ensuring every task and response is just the way you want it. Real-time versioning with viewable history ensures content compliance and full transparency. 

“Ombud eliminates 90% of administrative hassles associated with RFP responses, especially tracking what team members are assigned to tasks and how projects are tracking towards completion.” - Ben, (G2 Review)

Customers rely on Ombud to automate content-centric activities in their sales processes. Our platform combines content collaboration, project management, and machine learning to streamline the creation of sales documents like RFP responses, security questionnaires, sales proposals, statements of work, and much more. 

Interested in learning more about Ombud’s RFP software? Request a demo here

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