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Product Update: Export Content Back Into Microsoft Word Document

October 22, 2020

Last week, Ombud announced and released new exporting functionality for our customers. At the heart of this request lies a deep understanding of our customers’ pain points and the candid feedback loop we have between our Customer Success team and their dedicated accounts. Feedback like this drives our roadmap, and we’re excited to solve a consistent problem customers have when exporting from content systems like ours: manual user effort somewhere in the process. 

The Challenges This New Functionality Solves

Depending on the industries you sell into, there are times where prospects will expect the vendor to put the responses to an RFP or similar sales request into the original Microsoft Word document they provided.

Unlike Microsoft Excel, which has limited formatting and clear delineations of where content should go, Word has almost infinite possibilities for formatting, structure, and input. Through styles, macros, tables, lists, and much more, there are an endless number of options available for customization, making this process complex.

The Impact to Customers

With this new functionality, we inject the content from Ombud straight into the Word Document housing the original RFP—requiring no manual user input anywhere in the process. By truly placing the content back into the Word document, clients will lose no formatting and no one will ever know they didn’t just answer straight in the Word document. 

On average, we’ll be able to save our customers over 2 hours of work on each project using this functionality, and save each Ombud account a full workday of effort per month. 

"I love this feature. Considering we don’t have a proposal team, anything that makes final delivery easier is crucial. It's really stressful when you have to copy/paste answers or fix formatting right before submission."

As deals and requests get more complex, we’re committed to streamlining our customers’ processes and Ombud user experience. As we roll even more exciting news and functionality out in the coming months, we’ll stay committed to this goal. 

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