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Response Management

Mastering Response Management with Ombud

May 11, 2022

What is Response Management? 

Response management is the process of a prospective customer sending out a questionnaire or list of requirements to a few prospective vendors in the late stages of a sales cycle.

These questionnaires or “requests” require two parties: the prospect and the vendor. The prospect is the group or company wanting to purchase an offering. They are the ones creating and evaluating the request. The vendor is the company selling the offering. They will respond to this request, and typically, there will be at least two vendors competing for the prospect’s business.

Following are the four main types of requests: Requests for Information, Requests for Quotation, Requests for Proposal, and Security Assessments.

Have you mastered response management? See how many attributes your organization has mastered: 

  1. There is a true, single source of truth for your company’s content ✅
  2. Tedious, manual tasks are automated by an RFP software ✅
  3. Tribal knowledge is easily accessible ✅
  4. Approved messaging is defined and maintained ✅
  5. Consistent SOPs for RFX responses are established ✅

How to Master Response Management with Ombud:

Remove your sellers from administrative tasks and empower them with your organization’s best content.

By using Ombud, your entire sales team will have access to a smart knowledge base to find the answers they need, regardless of whether they are responding to an RFP or just answering a specific technical question on a demo.

Guarantee your sales team is capable of selling with minimal effort for your team.

Ombud automates the manual tasks of responding to questionnaires, scrubbing documents for approval and delivery, and documenting progress in your CRM. This helps give your team valuable time back and drives efficiency in your sales cycle.  

Scale technical knowledge and have trust in your content’s accuracy.

With Ombud’s filtering mechanisms and the ability to lock down content available for use, you can enable team members across your organization to provide compliant, accurate, and approved content to customers and prospects.

Automate your RFP Response Process with Ombud

Ombud does more than just store and manage sales content - our platform helps you scale your best content across your organization. Built on a semi-structured database, Ombud parses content in a granular way giving users valuable information each time they’re searching. 

Content authoring happens directly in the platform - no need to install plug-ins or “check-in/check-out” documents. Full text-editing including styling, tables, rich media, and embedded videos enables you to meet brand standards while publishing professional client deliverables every time. 

As you develop documents in Ombud, our content reuse library indicates where, how, and why content is being used to gain efficiency and improve accuracy with each sales document you create. Our platform combines content collaboration, project management, and machine learning to streamline the creation of sales documents like RFP responses, security questionnaires, sales proposals, statements of work, and much more.

Master response management with Ombud. Visit our website or request a demo here to learn more. 

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