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Hey Sales & Revenue Ops: Content Collaboration is Your Next Win

December 8, 2020

Behind every great sales team is an even better sales or revenue ops team. 

According to Salesforce’s Trends in Sales Ops report, 89% of sales professionals say sales ops plays an indispensable role in growing the business.

Additionally, in a survey conducted by McKinsey among 12,000 sales professionals, sales ops teams drive up to a 10% increase in sales productivity for their sales teams each year.

2020 has been a banner year for ops and enablement. As deal scrutiny increases and buyer expectations heighten, it’s only natural for the individuals who support the sales team to become more important. Their job as enablers and empowerers becomes vital for deal velocity and effectiveness. 

But, this role has also been optimized to death. We have AI and solutions for every part of sales ops: territory management, sales compensation, prospect outreach, call name it, there’s a SaaS solution for it. 

So, for sales ops to have another banner year, where do we find new efficiencies and effectiveness? What stone have we yet to unturn?

The answer? Middle of funnel sales content. 

Let’s be honest; top of funnel content gets all the love. It’s the shiny new convertible. It’s got marketing pizzazz, impressive branding, catchy phrases...who wouldn’t want to focus on it?

But, as the saying goes, “until the deal is done, it’s falling apart.”

Middle of funnel content with all the 3-letter acronyms (RFPs, SOWs, and POCs) may not be as flashy, but it’s critical to the success of a sales deal. 

Sales Ops and Enablement, this is the area of focus for your first big win in 2021. 

So, how can focusing on sales content effectiveness and automation help you win big in 2021?

Empowering your sales team with subject matter expertise

With all of this knowledge in one place, sales reps always know where to find the right information for their prospect. This increases the quality and consistency of response going out, enabling higher sales effectiveness and brand authority. 

This also benefits reps before they even start interacting with prospects. By having all of this knowledge in one place, all catered to sales responses, the team can get onboarded more quickly by reading through and digesting this knowledge in their language instead of product or marketing jargon that may not come as naturally to them. 

Automating content creation 

By virtue of centralizing all this knowledge in one place, you also automate this entire process. Sales reps have all the correct information at their fingertips. Each team can customize document templates at a moment in time, therefore always keeping future documents up-to-date—saving your team headaches and your sales team time.

Content personalization at scale

Our fave buzzwords of 2020, “personalization at scale.” But, we’re usually talking about email campaigns and marketing assets. If we set those expectations at the top of the funnel, we have to follow through. 

For middle of funnel content, we’re not talking about cheap personalization tokens, but rather content curated specifically for their use case and their challenges. This can be accomplished via AI-powered content knowledge bases like sales content collaboration systems, which give us the deal context we talked about earlier, and the context of every deal that came before it—enabling us to personalize at scale without spending hours on content creation. 

Enhanced reporting with live deal data

No more reps writing their own Microsoft Word Docs or sending off a 2-year-old POC template. By focusing on and centralizing this sales content, they can spin up accurate and consistent content with all the deal context they need. 

By utilizing a sales content collaboration system that integrates directly with your CRM, your team (and leadership) will get full transparency into what’s being said in what stage, what’s resonating with them, and how to further optimize responses from there.

Get Started with Sales Content Collaboration Today

Let’s start giving this crucial middle of funnel content the love (and automation) it deserves. Automating and centralizing this content will pay dividends in the long run for deal velocity, brand authority, and sales efficiency and effectiveness.  

If you’re interested in learning more about the sales content collaboration revolution, check out how our product can help your team out here.

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