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Content Effectiveness

Is Your Sales Content Healthy? Sales Content Management Health

July 14, 2021

“Content” now has a million different meanings — everything from TikTok dances to legalese and technical documents. 

But, when we talk about mid-funnel sales content: we mean the meaty, text-based content you’ll typically see in B2B sales cycles. The lengthy RFPs, in-depth SOWs, and value-driven proposals you need to push that deal to Closed - Won. 

Why should I care about my sales content health?

Sales content effectiveness (not just efficiency) is the name of the game in 2021. Why? 

  1. Everyone is using automation to generate sales content faster.
  2. Buyers are getting wise to our automation and personalization tricks.
  3. Buyers are conducting more research before even engaging with salespeople.
  4. Competition & market saturation is increasing across the board.

B2B sales cycles are increasingly becoming buyer-led — meaning your sales team has an even smaller window to make an impact and prove your offering’s unique value.

If your sales content isn’t healthy, are you making the correct impact with your customers? Or are you fumbling the ball in the only quarter of play you have?

How do I calculate my sales content health?

To understand how healthy your sales content is, you must assess the effectiveness of the 3 major areas that can sink or swim sales content:

Content Management

How content is stored, categorized, and leveraged throughout its lifecycle of usefulness.

Process Automation

How content generation and assignment are automated and streamlined to lower the number of manual tasks involved.

Project Collaboration

How your team collaborates throughout the sales cycle with parties outside of the immediate team responsible for the creation of documents.

Take the Sales Content Health Check Assessment now!

Want a more quantitative approach to checking your sales content health? We’ve created an assessment to do just that. Our sales content health check assessment digs into these three key areas and offers recommendations depending on your level of health! 

Take the assessment now!

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