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15 Resources for Proposal Management Professionals

February 22, 2022

Keeping up with sales and proposal trends can seem difficult, especially when you’re busy creating responses to RFPs and trying to close deals. Fortunately, there are a lot of resources available for sales and proposal management professionals. In fact, there’s so much to sift through that sifting through the information to find relevant resources can seem like an overwhelming task. 

Below is a list of must-follow resources for your proposal or RFP response management team; the list covers RFP, proposal management, sales enablement, and sales engineering. And, no matter your learning style, there’s something here for you: blogs, podcasts, video, and even some communities where you can connect with fellow proposal management professionals. 


  1. Baachu Scribble: Run by market development consultant Baskar Sundaram, Baachu Scribble is a resource for business winning professionals. We’re highlighting the blog here, but there’s a newsletter, training resources, proposal templates - there’s a lot there. 
  1. John Moore – The Collaborator: The blog of John Moore, founder of Trust Enablement and The Collaborator, LLC, this blog is a resource for sales enablement pros who want to learn about best practices in winning deals and sales enablement.
  1. The Sales Enablement Collective: The Sales Enablement Collective (SEC) is a community dedicated to providing resources for sales enablement professionals. A membership-supported group, the SEC offers some resources to paid members — although other resources, like the articles and the podcasts, can be accessed by anyone for free. 
  1. We the Sales Engineers: We The Sales Engineers, a site containing podcast episodes, blog posts, courses, and a ton of other resources for – you guessed it — sales engineers, is a project built bySales Engineer Ramzi Marjaba. Marjaba created the resource out of frustration; there just weren’t enough resources out there for sales engineers back when he was looking for resources to support him in his career. The podcast is updated weekly, and covers all things sales engineering, including RFPs.
  1. Winning the Business: Winning the Business is a blog dedicated to sales, bids, proposals and more. Run by the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP), Winning the Business is a must-read, magazine-style blog for bid professionals.


  1. Predictable Revenue: Predictable Revenue rose to fame as a book by Aaron Ross, who later co-founded a sales development business of the same name. This weekly podcast, by Ross’s co-founder Collin Strewart and sales coach Sarah Hicks, is all about outbound sales. 
  1. The RFP Success Show with Lisa Rhehurek: If you’re looking for a podcast all about RFPs, RFP consultant Lisa Rhehurek’s show is the one for you. Rhehurek’s show is a weekly podcast, featuring tricks, tips, and interviews with guests who talk about best practices for standing out and winning RFPs. 
  1. The Sales Enablement Innovation podcast: The official podcast of the Sales Enablement Collective, this podcast brings in a new sales enablement leader weekly to talk about their successes and challenges. 
  1. Sales Hacker: Sales Hacker is probably best known for its emphasis on B2B sales and so the podcast does cover a range of topics related to sales in general. However, RFPs are covered there; search the back catalog to find the episodes on proposals, sales enablement, and sales engineering
  1. Scribble Talk: Scribble Talk is a weekly show hosted by Ashley Kayes and Baskar Sundaram of Baachu Scribble. The podcast covers the bidding process, proposals, trends in RFPs, and more. Every week, the podcast hosts a new expert to talk about all things proposals.  
  1. Winning Bids and Proposals: Consultant Jack Wills has created this podcast all about bids and proposals. It’s been a few years since this podcast was updated, however, we’re including it here for its intense focus on improving your bid and proposals. 


  1. APMP’s Video Archive: Not everyone wants to read a blog post or listen to a podcast. For those who learn visually, the APMP has a series of videos, updated monthly. The topics cover bids, pitches, and other important topics, like diversity and empathy in sales.
  1.’s YouTube Channel:’s YouTube feed is a visual podcast. Run and hosted by Will Barron, the weekly series of videos being in sales experts to talk about best practices in sales, including the bid process and RFPs. 


  1. SEC’s Slack: The Sales Enablement Community Slack is a free community for sales enablement professionals, with channels such as  #freshcontent, #marketresearch #se-jobs, #events and #se-questions.
  1. The Sales Engineers Reddit: A subreddit for sales engineers — look here for questions about careers, responding to RFPs, and peer networking.

Did we miss any resources? 

Have a favorite blog or podcast that you don’t see here? Let us know if there are any favorite RFP resources that we overlooked in this blog post. And of course, you can always read the OmBlog to read more about proposal management and RFP trends. 

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