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Why Ombud?


Act on Information

Today, organizations run on a lot of information. In fact, there is an entire industry devoted to storing and managing big data. What use is big data if it is not information the business can use and act upon to drive results? Ombud provides a cohesive federated platform to collect relevant information, presenting it in a way the business can consume.


Empower Decisions

Gone are the days of hierarchical management chains and CYA mentalities. Today's workforce is powered by doers who own their work and deliver for the business. With Ombud, an organization can ensure that every end-user has the ability to make an impact while ensuring the right context is weighed before a decision is made.


Collaborate on Results

Often times, multiple stakeholders are needed to ensure all voices from development and security to marketing and finance have weighed in and provided their input; it can take a small army to prove your solution is the best fit for a prospective customer. Additionally, making the best procurement decision internally takes collaboration. Using Ombud, owners and collaborators can save time and cycles by assigning and delivering information as needed, all in one location.


Grow the Business

One single source of the truth is often missing across all departments when it comes to market alignment. Many times, multiple iterations are floating around, with different owners and different results, making it difficult to update on the fly for the agile business. This very manual process leaves a lot of room for improvement. Ombud creates a central repository, accessible to any user to tap into the latest, most up to date information, ensuring the business is aligned and focused.


Rinse & Repeat

An efficient sales and operations team requires investment in training, collaboration, process and knowledge management. These investments are typically made independent of one another and using them to their full potential requires a burdensome level of effort and time.

Ombud is a proven platform that scales the agile business to Act, Empower, Collaborate and Grow.

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