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What is Ombud?

Ombud provides a decision management platform designed to increase revenue and allow enterprises to drive to market faster. With Ombud, organizations can easily collaborate, enable knowledge transfer and make better decisions within one single solution.

We help operations make better, more informed decisions. Operations teams use Ombud to streamline selection and decision processes, choosing key vendors and solutions to grow their organizations.

We make technical documentation less painful. Sales teams can easily organize, format and respond to required sales process documentation like SOWs, RFPs, Technical Assessments and Information Security Questionnaires, creating consistency and structure within the due diligence process.

With Ombud, the latest information is always available and stored in a standardized, global location. Documentation is converted to one easy format. Questions that reside in the database are easily reused.

Departments and individuals are assigned, reminded and able to respond to relevant questions. Reviewing is easy, allowing all comments to filter through one central location and on the same version.

Organizations who use Ombud found:

  • Faster times to respond to prospect requests
  • Higher volume of completed sales related tasks like RFPs and SOWs
  • Better quality end product
  • More informed and accurate vendor decisions

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