Best-Fit Solution

Typical Selection

$ 50,000+

Per SelectionSelection Resources

  • Project Manager – $21,250
  • Solution Architect – $37,500
  • Business Analyst – $18,750
  • Industry Research – $10,000
  • Time Acceleration – Internal Process 16 – 40 weeks
  • Risk Mitigation – 40% become Shelfware or Overbuy on License
  • Knowledge Management – Email, XLS, Word, PPT, SharePoint

Ombud SelectionA Better Selection

$ 2,000

Per SelectionSelection Resources

  • Project Manager – Included
  • Solution Architect – Included
  • Business Analyst – Included
  • Industry Research – Included
  • Time Acceleration – 75% Reducation
  • Risk Mitigation – Tracking 99% Implementation
  • Knowledge Management – Best Practice Platform for Future Evaluations
  • Dynamic RFP Template – Included
  • Centralized Workspace – Included
  • Weighted Scorecard – Included

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Enterprise Social Networks?

An online service, platform, or site that focuses on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among people within an enterprise.

An Enterprise Social Network is an online service, platform or site that focuses on building and reflecting social networks or social relations among people within an enterprise.

According to a Pew Internet Survey, 65% of adults use social networking sites.

Effective implementation involves utilizing ESNs to harness that craving to be socially connected while making workplace collaboration easier and more effective, thus mitigating the risk of wasted company resources such as a lack of communication that leads to duplication.

Enterprise Social Networks offer an opportunity to form relationships via a collaborative platform, allowing coworkers to bridge existing gaps in the information-sharing and decision-making processes. These solutions are typically implemented via user-driven adoption.

Typical Pricing

Enterprise Social Network providers typically charge per user. Those pricing packages can range from $4/user per month to $15/user per month. Many are either billed annually or require an annual contract. Additionally, a user minimum may be required.

Rather than charge per user, some companies offer group pricing.

For those looking for the most cost-effective Enterprise Social Network solution, some companies offer their basic package at no cost.

The Levers: How to Differentiate Enterprise Social Network Solutions

  1. Collaboration via Groups: Platforms may provide automated or configurable groups to enable targeted collaboration among teams.
  2. Mobile Access: To maintain communication while away from the office, many Enterprise Social Networks provide users with mobile access on multiple platforms. Not all solutions provide access on all platforms, however, so be sure to confirm your device is among those supported.
  3. File Sharing: Solutions may extend collaboration to employee’s desktops with desktop file synchronization. File sharing may include features such as the following: full-text searchable documents, real-time editing and drag-and-drop sharing.
  4. Real-Time Collaboration: Through features such as instant messaging, activity streams, discussion forums, real-time file sharing and real-time screen sharing, some solutions allow users to collaborate with coworkers in real time.

Related Product Categories

Social Communities are external communities established by businesses to collaborate with partners and customers. These can incorporate features of social networks and innovation platforms.

Social Networks are online services, platforms or sites that focus on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations of larger communities. Examples include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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