The EMC VNX series of storage systems are a family of systems that provides unified file and block storage and replace the CLARiiON and Celerra product lines. The systems provide a wide set of connectivity options for block access and for file access as a NAS system. There are two different series in the VNX family: the VNXe which is targeted as an entry level storage system and the VNX which is a mid-tier system. The VNXe series contain one or two storage processors that run the VNX Operating Environment. The VNXe systems can simultaneously support block and file storage on the same storage processors that are installed in the system.

The VNXe series models consist of the following modular components:

  • One or two storage processors in a Disk Processor Enclosures (DPE). The VNXe3150 DPE contains up to 12 3.5” or 25 2.5” drives. The VNXe3300 DPE contains up to 15 3.5”or 25 2.5” drives.
  • Optional Disk Array Enclosures (DAE). The DAE for the VNXe3150 can contain up to 12 3.5” or 25 2.5” drives and the VNXe3300 can contain up to 15 3.5” drives. Both models support SSDs for higher performance requirements.
  • All components can be housed in the EMC 40U rack or any standard 19-inch rack


The EMC VNXe system is targeted for usage in the small to mid-size business space or remote offices that need either a SAN block storage solution, a NAS system or both. Even with the low entry price, the EMC system includes advanced features and capabilities inherited from the higher end VNX system.


  • Performance – As an entry level storage system, the VNXe should have good performance based on the higher end system heritage. No performance data has been made available yet.

  • Availability – When two nodes are configured, the VNXe has the high availability characteristic including the failover and failback required of a mid-tier system even though this is an entry level system.

  • Replication for BC/DR – Both asynchronous and synchronous remote replication is available with the RecoverPoint software and VNXe Replicator.

  • Notable – Unisphere is a high-value administrative tool with advanced capabilities.


  • The EMC VNXe is targeted at applications that use block I/O, file I/O, or both in a combined system.
  • The features of snapshot and remote replication give customers high-end system capabilities in a product targeted at the entry level with the sophisticated implementation offered by EMC. The performance and features allow applications to be deployed in a high availability environment.

System environments

  • The EMC VNXe is a block storage system accessed using iSCSI with standard iSCSI drivers on host systems and a NAS system with NFS and CIFS support.

Deployment and Administration

  • The VNXe has been targeted for installation and management by the IT generalist. EMC has included wizards and quick start configurations to allow for simple deployments.

  • The management is through Unisphere with an additional MMC plug-in for NAS usage.

  • EMC has released vSphere plug-ins in addition to other VMware support.


The EMC VNXe should be a staple for EMC to offer to the channel and an opportunity for customers to get high-end features at a price point of less sophisticated systems. EMC will continue to enhance the VNXe and will probably add greater connectivity including 10GigE and Fibre Channel. It should be expected that 2.5” disks will be offered as well.

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