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Ombud for the CRO

Ombud offers the Chief Revenue Office a single solution to streamline sales operations and technical sales so teams can transfer knowledge effectively with prospects and customers.

Specifically, Ombud Rx enhances the sales process by:

  • Enabling collaboration
  • Encouraging knowledge transfer
  • Allowing sales to respond faster to Technical Requirements such as RFPs, SOWs, Information Security Questionnaires and Technical Assessments

Most sales organizations have trouble responding to the number of inbound requests, organizing and storing the latest content, collaborating with multiple departments and meeting deadlines.

Ombud addresses these challenges by implementing a best practice methodology to help sales organizations respond faster and ensure solution consultants and sales reps are more efficient. Ombud creates a more structured response process by providing a system of record, ensuring accountability and driving more credible, accurate responses.

Within 30 days, win rates increase, RFP quality improves and time and labor are reduced by 50%-80%.

Companies like Cloudera, Kronos, Zendesk, SendGrid and HubSpot have increased close rates by 15% and reduced cost of goods sold by 60%.

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