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Ombud for the CIO

Having full visibility into all departments is tough. So is making decisions for the entire organization without fully understanding their challenges or requirements. Collecting information, combing through data and making sense of it all can be a huge challenge for Operations.

Ombud provides a collaborative, knowledge-based solution that assists organizations in the vendor selection process. It allows Operations to define an initiative, weigh success criteria and evaluate vendor offerings, ensuring the selected solution is the best-fit for the entire user community. It allows an organization to make better decisions and mitigate risks associated with vendor selection.

Ombud delivers complete transparency for all departments to participate, coordinate and decide on the best course of action. The result is a single source of the truth to understand the planning and decision-making processes, return on investment and total cost of ownership.

Ombud also creates a competitive advantage by enabling companies to stay ahead of the curve. With Ombud, companies are identifying technologies that best address their business needs and grow their organizations.

With Ombud, an enterprise can trim a selection process from 12-18 months to 2-3 months, with complete stakeholder alignment

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